black and white film

I have a film camera, and have taken some photos.
A few days ago, a film was finished taking the photos.

To get the film developed, I brought it to Kitamura yesterday.
The following is a conversation with a store clerk (SC).

I : "Hi, can I get this film developed?"
SC : "Yes. Um, 24th."
I : "Pardon me?"
SC : "Please come and receive the developed film on and after 24th."
I : "What?"
SC : "We need fourteen days for developing the film."
I : "What makes you that you need as long as two weeks."
SC : "I don't know. An another company develops."
I : "・・・・・・. O.K. Here you are."

In fact, the film is black and white film.
Most of stores can't develop it because it requires particular developer.
I have no alternative but to call on Kitamura...orz


I bought a Walkman whom form is like the head set.
I've jogged listening to some music since I bought it.

Michael Jackson's songs are very dangerous because I often cannot help posing or doing dance steps.
MJ is very dangerous singer...www

I often listen to sounds of DUO at which native English speakers read some sentences out loud.
It's difficult for me to jog listening to the English sentences because I'm lack of my practice for both of them...orz

I wanna be the superman!

fight against myself for myself!

[We were born.]
The birth is described with the passive voice.
[We live.]
The living is described with the active voice.
So, We live for ourselves.

My effort to fight against myself is not enough.
I must kill my weak will.

I started jogging a few days ago.
The muscle of My legs and arms ache now.
My muscle is weak, too. HaHaHa!...orz


I think I caught a cold.


My body is too weak... orz
Maybe I don't have a vitality.

In the last decade, I have not exercised well.
I have never held anything that are heavier than a pen.
Uh, Sorry. It's joke.

If I have exercised well, I would have never caught the cold...
Umm, the cold is weak enough to continue my works!

However, I regret that I cannot taste any foods!
My God!


Anyone has not written about blog contents.
This blog allows anyone to write any comments.

Please comment on blog contents.
Japanese comments are all O.K!

I exert myself to be able to receive some comments.
In fact, I must make an English blog that is easy to understand!

In passing, I must find some more interesting things. orz